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WIP I won't post to AO3 until I have a complete fic (I don't do chapter by chapter update because I frequently abandon fandoms all of a sudden), newest segment on top:

Haruno Sakura spent the free period practicing how to make roses with sakura petals, and some butterflies too. The first was just holding them together by their ends after slotting them one by one in a spiral out, like a rose's petals. The second, she had to keep them together as the center while fluttering the petals like wings, so the there are tiny little pink butterlifes fluttering on her arms.

She thinks she's in love with Uchiha Sasuko. (It was not yet time, for her to admit, that she knew she was in love with Uchiha Sasuko. Sasuko saw Sakura as something more than pretty and pastel, grudgingly even admitting that there was something that Sakura was better and special at - her chakra control. Sasuko had intense dark eyes that made Sakura felt as if she was in the spot lights, and a deep voice that made Sakura wants to do whatever Sasuko told her to do, "Show me again", she had said, "show me again how you did that.


Uchiha Sasuko had fought hard to escape the belljar of her mother's and her older brother's overprotective love, the blind love that refused to see that daddy’s little princess had died with daddy. She wasn’t a little girl anymore, she wasn’t weak, she was an avenger.

Uchiha Mikoto is the widow (and distant cousin) of the late police chief, Uchiha Fugaku. When her husband was alive, she was the beautiful and obedient wife who was pleasing but never provocative, supportive but not overbearing, an apt accessory that made Fugaku the envy among his peers. Now she’s The Widow, a single Mom and still, the Suburban Soccer Mom With A Secret - for she has killed more men than Fugaku had ever arrested in his career. She could handle more weapons than him and she was a better shot, and deft with a knife, but mostly she used to be a government sanctioned Long Distance Serial Killer, she can pop knee caps from a thousand miles away, she can take out multiple joints within seconds as warning as order, or pro bono given leeway (because, they deserved it). She did it and she enjoyed it for she was the Playful Cat of The Menagerie, and she had once played alongside the likes of the Silk Viper, who like herself was something else now, or lived as, lived like something else.


Orochimari-sensei was kneeling before the low table at the very end of the hall between the dojo and her garden, pouring green tea first into the cup across from hers and then filling her own. Sasuko sat down with her legs crossed and her face set in a scrowl.

Orochimari grins, picks up her tea and cast a sly gaze at her student over the steaming cup, "Sasuko, I have told you before that I have known your mother for a very long time - surely that should have enough for you to surmise that she wasn't always a happy little homemaker?"
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