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Wednesday, October 19th, 2016
Tags: JiraOro, fem!Jiraya, Rule 63, genderbending, het, fem!Jiraya/Orochimaru
Relationship: Jiraiya/Orochimaru

Manic Magic Amazon and the Tim Burton Extra

Jiraiya comes as she is, goes as she please. She was the headache of orphanage's matron at age six, and the heartache among her fellow jounins at sixteen. Men were moths before the brilliance of her allure, and women too, find their resolve melting like spring snow in the sun.

It seemed the only ones completely immune to Jiraiya's charms were the ones she desired the most: her teammates.

Orochimaru would never call her a weak woman, even when he used to effortlessly trounce her in ninjutsu matches – not with Tsunade as their third teammate, but from day one, Orochimaru had dismissed Jiraiya as a stupid girl, and, jingling the bell she won and sticking her tongue out, Tsunade didn't disagree.

The era of the warring clans was not long behind them, most daughters of shinobi families were trained in private so they could defend themselves and their families – but they don't go into active service. Most kunoichi then were girls from poor civilian families or orphans like Jiraiya, girls who won't be missed, dropped into deep cover as servant girls and/or whores and/or mistresses. The boys from shinobi familes practiced being heavy hitters while the civilian girls learned how to serve and seduce.

Tsunade stood apart as the Senju princess and her instructors don't know what to do with her. Surely the Shodaime's granddaughter didn't intend to take typical kunoichi missions? Tsunade learnt how to pass and how to seduce the same as she learnt how to heal and how to kill, and once she was old enough (once she had finally worn Sarutobi-sensei down enough against blocking those missions), she went out and did a handful of seduction missions, just to prove that she could.

Team Hiruzen was unusal in that it had two girls instead of two boys. Jiraiya had hoped that the two of them would at least be friends, but the way Tsunade mocked her losses aside, Tsunade was always so serious.
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