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Behold! Below is a smut scene that has been haunting my brain since November, it's hot when I think about it, but translating a fantasy of sensations and feelings into text form is hard mode - I need to figure out if I want Sakumo's POV or Orochimaru's POV.

Feeling cold feels terrible, but snowfall can be so beautiful, picture Orochimaru being persuaded to watch the snowfall in his yard, while sitting in Sakumo's lap, getting all pliant and giving Sakumo ideas.

I don't know if this will be better with JiraOro, because Jiraiya is a perv, but I associate Sakumo with The North. Also, Sakumo is just so alpha.

Endlessly, drifts of snow floated down all around them, blending seamlessly into the white banks at the sides of the yard, and falling feather-like upon Orochimaru's dark hair and Sakumo's gray cloak. Held in Sakumo's lap within the cloak, Orochimaru shivers between the cold kisses of winter, sliding cold and wet down his neck, and the furnace warmth of Sakumo pressed against his back, the arm around his waist, and the large hand hot over his mouth. Sleepily, Orochimaru closes his eyes and licks at Sakumo's palm.

Sakumo chuckled, combing snowflakes from Orochimaru's hair, then he adjusted the sides of his cloak to wrap around his smaller lover, till only purple shadowed golden eyes were visible within the folds of the cloak. "Better?" Orochimaru answered with a slow nod, the movement not seen by Sakumo but felt against his chest.

Orochimaru's house is just steps behind them, and his bedroom is only a shunshin away, but having enjoyed the stark beauty of Orochimaru amidst the falling snow, Sakumo was determined to have Orochimaru enjoy the memory of having Sakumo hot inside him before they returned to the house.
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