The following post was supposed to be an addition to to my Soulmates Gaiden series (, but I'm not posting it to AO3 as I feel that it is a badfic that could be better once I've had worked at it somemore, it was highly indulgent shipfodder written in one setting after all.

16. healing touch (Sakumo/Orochimaru) -- shameless schmoop, fluff, screen

(Sakumo/Orochimaru) - the touch of soulmates can heal each other
genre: fluff, romance, allusion to post-sparring-sex but no actual smut *sigh*

Falling Down With You

Orochimaru has taken to spending much of his spare time sparring with Sakumo in the Forbidden Forest -- most of the area was unused outside of the Chunnin Exams, and other jounnins have known by now to avoid "Sakumo and Orochimaru's Section", where their wolves and snakes summons roamed free and feasted on the local wildlife, and rains of senbon are parried in unpredictable directions by a chakra infused blade.

Usually their spars would conclude in a draw, a truce declared so Sakumo and Orochimaru could take comfort in each other's touches and have their injuries healed. Orochimaru kept breaking his arm because he couldn't fluidly switch from making signs to blocking Sakumo fast enough. Sakumo kept taking hits to his center mass because he favoured rushing in too much and most opponents (not Orochimaru) usually reacted by instinctively taking a step back.

Sometimes Orochimaru would slip up, and their spar would end with Orochimaru pinned to the forest floor, Sakumo growling possessively against the back of his neck, a deliciously tight hold of him by his hair and wrists rendering him pilant with lust as Sakumo bit him hard enough to draw blood, followed by an almost apologetic kiss that would close the small wound. "No one else," Sakumo would growl, "(is allowed to touch you like this)", and Orochimaru would shiver in excitement: No one else, had Orochimaru ever wanted like this, and Orochimaru is strong, he whimpers instinctively in acquiescence to Sakumo's demands - no one else - Orochimaru would stay strong and stay safe so that no one else would ever have him pinned like this. Only Sakumo.

Their trysts in the forest are so sweet, so deadly beautiful and brilliant - they are soulmates, they can heal each other by touch. They know each other's strengths and weaknesses inside out and are growing ever stronger together, so that one would never have cause to fear losing the other.

Sometimes Orochimaru would win, and he would be a terrible tease. He would crouch over Sakumo, knees at Sakumo's side to pin down his arms, and he would impassionately lecture Sakumo on every defensive error as if he wasn't bent intimately over his lover, so that looking up, Sakumo would have a straight line of sight to Orochimaru's white throat, framed by a dark fall of hair blocking out the rest of the forest. Or he might follow the knife held to one of Sakumo's vital points with a quick kiss before fleeing with a laugh, rarely getting very far before being pulled back to a hungry mouth and greedy hands, the running tally soon forgotten as Orochimaru surrenders to being desired and loved.

AN: At first I wanted to write JiraiOro where Jiraiya is loving the excuse of literally having a healing cock (for his soulmate at least) to have sex after every sparring session, but eh, this is Sakumo/Orochimaru again, for I have been
haunted by the hot imagery of Sakumo pinning Orochimaru down and growling possessively for sometime this.

I really wanted some graphic D/s smut to follow Sakumo (or Jiraiya, or Kabuto) pinning Orochimaru down, but it seems I have lost my smut mojo...(I for one, blame time traveling Canadians).



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