If I had to write Sakumo and Orochimaru as Hades and Persephone:

A Little Time

In the Kingdom of the Cold, he who had lived under the hot sun and looked often up into its bright face, is close to blind. The land of the dead is a land of shadows that lacks substance, the only other solid being here was his captor.

Sakumo’s hands were hot, and his kisses were wet. Every gray morning when Orochimaru wakes in Sakumo’s bed, the world comes into clearer focus, he could see better the sublime nuances that had dragged the feet of Orpheus’s bride as she reluctantly followed him out of underworld.


I would go with a darker and rough around the edges Sakumo.

If I were to pick any Greek figure to go with Orochimaru, I would pick Medusa. But picture Medusa!Orochimaru, standing blindfolded and disarmed, with Sakumo or Jiraiya standing at his back, bending down to kiss his neck - even cursed, it's not impossible to love him.

Jiraiya was ordered to kill Orochimaru, but instead, blindfolds him and brings him back to his palace. He could not bear to take away Orochimaru's sight forever so he does not permanently blind him, but the inevitable accident happens and Jiraiya turns to stone. The lover's plight move a goddess to tears (I could not yet decide who), and the goddess brings the Jiraiya statute back to live, and switches Orochimaru's cursed eyes with that of a man-sized serpent, creating the first basilisk.
Basically a long time ago I read something I find extremely disagreeable, and I decided to write something where Jiraiya travels back in time and focus on saving Orochimaru (versus kill them all), I believe that Jiraiya believed in redemption, he could have killed Konan when he had captured her but didn't, he only moved to kill Nagato when Nagato really forced his hand. I hit a goddamned writer's block because I couldn't decide how far back in time Jiraiya should travel, and when the Orochimaru of that time should know - because Orochimaru will figure it out, a question of when, and I could already see young!Orochimaru hitting on a very uncomfortable Jiraiya with "I've always liked older man anyways"...and then, why couldn't they BOTH travel back in time? I need to pick one and stick with it, since I really like the title "Authorial Saving Throw", I should just write a story about Jiraiya for now. I had this romantic idea of Jiraiya just following Orochimaru instead of just letting him leave when the experiments are found out, but "Authorial Saving Throw" seem to imply that I should aim for a hilarious amount of deux ex machina...

...and THEN I had the idea that instead of Jiraiya waking up young (effectively, taking over the life of his younger self), he goes back as a ghost that nags his younger self into saving the day, so that when Jiraiya goes forward again (what I learn from Time Travel, I learn at the feet of Captain Janeway...Janeway is more fun than Picard because she knows that The Laws of Nature are more like, The GUIDELINES of Nature), All Is Well.

When Jiraiya was five years old, he found a raven-haired girl with skin as white as winter snow and yellow eyes that shrone golden in the shadows. He would watch her when she practices in the training grounds just outside the Forest of Death, in loose white robes bordered at the folds by blue tomoes, shrikens blooming from its billowy sleeves like birds from a magician's hat. She was like a spirit from a storybook, ethereal, delicate and deadly. Noting his presence, she would turn nowandthen and glare in his direction, hands on her hips sometimes, but soon she would return to her practice.

Jiriaya finally meets the girl when classes start at the Academy, and the girl was a boy, "Orochimaru". In a classroom presided over by a stern faced teacher, surrounded by their rowdy peers (all years older than both of them), Orochimaru was less unearthly, but no less unusual.

Title: Authorial Saving Throw
Summary: Jiraiya Travels Back In Time - to save Orochimaru - and also, the World.
Tags: stalking is love

The cocoon that Orochimaru was wrapped in twitches violently, as though he was awake and struggling to be free, but when Hagoromo unwrapped him from the clutches of the World Tree, his eyes were tightly shut, and his sunken face, was tense with a terror that Jiraiya had never seen on it, not since their chunnin days decades ago.

Jiraiya could feel ribs through Orochimaru's loose kimono top as he carried his unconscious friend back into the bubble space that Hagoromo had enacted against the grasping vines of the World Tree. The violent thrashing had subsided down to tremors, but it was clear that Orochimaru was still in the throes of a nightmare, "I thought those caught in the Eternal Tsukiyomi were supposed to be dreaming of a perfect world where they would be /happy/?"

Hagoromo studied Orochimaru's sleeping face, standing a feet away from them, sensing Jiraiya's fierce sense of protectiveness, "Orochimaru is suspicious and clever enough to question the perfect world - but nightmares are complicated enough that not even he could break through the genjutsu.

"Will he wake if I take him back with me?"

"You must be awake to make the trip back - it is the mind after all, that I will send back, and Orochimaru has very little of himself left at this point - the tree took more from him that others because he fought - soon he will die."

Because Jiraiya doesn't believe in giving up, he tries - in the hours to follow, he alternated between shaking Orochimaru and holding him close, whispering his wishes and repeating the tales from their childhood's years.

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Jiraiya travels back in time to save Orochimaru, and also the world.
Wednesday, October 19th, 2016
Tags: JiraOro, fem!Jiraya, Rule 63, genderbending, het, fem!Jiraya/Orochimaru
Relationship: Jiraiya/Orochimaru

Manic Magic Amazon and the Tim Burton Extra

Jiraiya comes as she is, goes as she please. She was the headache of orphanage's matron at age six, and the heartache among her fellow jounins at sixteen. Men were moths before the brilliance of her allure, and women too, find their resolve melting like spring snow in the sun.

It seemed the only ones completely immune to Jiraiya's charms were the ones she desired the most: her teammates.

Orochimaru would never call her a weak woman, even when he used to effortlessly trounce her in ninjutsu matches – not with Tsunade as their third teammate, but from day one, Orochimaru had dismissed Jiraiya as a stupid girl, and, jingling the bell she won and sticking her tongue out, Tsunade didn't disagree.

The era of the warring clans was not long behind them, most daughters of shinobi families were trained in private so they could defend themselves and their families – but they don't go into active service. Most kunoichi then were girls from poor civilian families or orphans like Jiraiya, girls who won't be missed, dropped into deep cover as servant girls and/or whores and/or mistresses. The boys from shinobi familes practiced being heavy hitters while the civilian girls learned how to serve and seduce.

Tsunade stood apart as the Senju princess and her instructors don't know what to do with her. Surely the Shodaime's granddaughter didn't intend to take typical kunoichi missions? Tsunade learnt how to pass and how to seduce the same as she learnt how to heal and how to kill, and once she was old enough (once she had finally worn Sarutobi-sensei down enough against blocking those missions), she went out and did a handful of seduction missions, just to prove that she could.

Team Hiruzen was unusal in that it had two girls instead of two boys. Jiraiya had hoped that the two of them would at least be friends, but the way Tsunade mocked her losses aside, Tsunade was always so serious.



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