Another victim of writers' block. I was going to have Orochimaru save a little wolf cub from something to earn him the stalking love of papa!wolf!Sakumo.


It might not be evident from his oft sullen demeanor or the moon-paleness of his skin, but Orochimaru was a devout worshipper of the sun. Slow summer mornings were divine, when it was so pleasantly warm that he could sprawl out naked with his sheets to the side, basking in the direct sunlight shrone across his bed from the wide windows. Slow afternoons, he would take a book to his garden, where there was a wide high chair carved out of stone, and many evenings Jiraiya and Tsunade had found him curled up in the sun-heated seat with his snakes, a content smile on his face.

Cold weather makes Orochimaru sluggish. There was more of the snake in him than the slitted pupils of his golden eyes. Family lore held that their clan was found when a Great White Snake had fallen in love with the son of a feudal lord, giving up her immortality to be his wife after he had ran away with her.

The old growth woods between Orochimaru and his warm bed seem to stretch forever. Though it was now midday and what patches of sky he could glimpse above the tall canopy of red and gold leaves were bright blue, very little light reached the forest floor. He wasn't afraid of the dark or forest spirits said to dwell here (not when he was descended from a snake), but he hated the gray dimness that haunts the woods all times of the year except for early Spring, when the grounds would be a sea of blue and purple flowers.
If I had to write Sakumo and Orochimaru as Hades and Persephone:

A Little Time

In the Kingdom of the Cold, he who had lived under the hot sun and looked often up into its bright face, is close to blind. The land of the dead is a land of shadows that lacks substance, the only other solid being here was his captor.

Sakumo’s hands were hot, and his kisses were wet. Every gray morning when Orochimaru wakes in Sakumo’s bed, the world comes into clearer focus, he could see better the sublime nuances that had dragged the feet of Orpheus’s bride as she reluctantly followed him out of underworld.


I would go with a darker and rough around the edges Sakumo.

If I were to pick any Greek figure to go with Orochimaru, I would pick Medusa. But picture Medusa!Orochimaru, standing blindfolded and disarmed, with Sakumo or Jiraiya standing at his back, bending down to kiss his neck - even cursed, it's not impossible to love him.

Jiraiya was ordered to kill Orochimaru, but instead, blindfolds him and brings him back to his palace. He could not bear to take away Orochimaru's sight forever so he does not permanently blind him, but the inevitable accident happens and Jiraiya turns to stone. The lover's plight move a goddess to tears (I could not yet decide who), and the goddess brings the Jiraiya statute back to live, and switches Orochimaru's cursed eyes with that of a man-sized serpent, creating the first basilisk.
Behold! Below is a smut scene that has been haunting my brain since November, it's hot when I think about it, but translating a fantasy of sensations and feelings into text form is hard mode - I need to figure out if I want Sakumo's POV or Orochimaru's POV.

Feeling cold feels terrible, but snowfall can be so beautiful, picture Orochimaru being persuaded to watch the snowfall in his yard, while sitting in Sakumo's lap, getting all pliant and giving Sakumo ideas.

I don't know if this will be better with JiraOro, because Jiraiya is a perv, but I associate Sakumo with The North. Also, Sakumo is just so alpha.

Endlessly, drifts of snow floated down all around them, blending seamlessly into the white banks at the sides of the yard, and falling feather-like upon Orochimaru's dark hair and Sakumo's gray cloak. Held in Sakumo's lap within the cloak, Orochimaru shivers between the cold kisses of winter, sliding cold and wet down his neck, and the furnace warmth of Sakumo pressed against his back, the arm around his waist, and the large hand hot over his mouth. Sleepily, Orochimaru closes his eyes and licks at Sakumo's palm.

Sakumo chuckled, combing snowflakes from Orochimaru's hair, then he adjusted the sides of his cloak to wrap around his smaller lover, till only purple shadowed golden eyes were visible within the folds of the cloak. "Better?" Orochimaru answered with a slow nod, the movement not seen by Sakumo but felt against his chest.

Orochimaru's house is just steps behind them, and his bedroom is only a shunshin away, but having enjoyed the stark beauty of Orochimaru amidst the falling snow, Sakumo was determined to have Orochimaru enjoy the memory of having Sakumo hot inside him before they returned to the house.
The following post was supposed to be an addition to to my Soulmates Gaiden series (, but I'm not posting it to AO3 as I feel that it is a badfic that could be better once I've had worked at it somemore, it was highly indulgent shipfodder written in one setting after all.

16. healing touch (Sakumo/Orochimaru) -- shameless schmoop, fluff, screen

(Sakumo/Orochimaru) - the touch of soulmates can heal each other
genre: fluff, romance, allusion to post-sparring-sex but no actual smut *sigh*

Falling Down With You

Orochimaru has taken to spending much of his spare time sparring with Sakumo in the Forbidden Forest -- most of the area was unused outside of the Chunnin Exams, and other jounnins have known by now to avoid "Sakumo and Orochimaru's Section", where their wolves and snakes summons roamed free and feasted on the local wildlife, and rains of senbon are parried in unpredictable directions by a chakra infused blade.

Usually their spars would conclude in a draw, a truce declared so Sakumo and Orochimaru could take comfort in each other's touches and have their injuries healed. Orochimaru kept breaking his arm because he couldn't fluidly switch from making signs to blocking Sakumo fast enough. Sakumo kept taking hits to his center mass because he favoured rushing in too much and most opponents (not Orochimaru) usually reacted by instinctively taking a step back.

Sometimes Orochimaru would slip up, and their spar would end with Orochimaru pinned to the forest floor, Sakumo growling possessively against the back of his neck, a deliciously tight hold of him by his hair and wrists rendering him pilant with lust as Sakumo bit him hard enough to draw blood, followed by an almost apologetic kiss that would close the small wound. "No one else," Sakumo would growl, "(is allowed to touch you like this)", and Orochimaru would shiver in excitement: No one else, had Orochimaru ever wanted like this, and Orochimaru is strong, he whimpers instinctively in acquiescence to Sakumo's demands - no one else - Orochimaru would stay strong and stay safe so that no one else would ever have him pinned like this. Only Sakumo.

Their trysts in the forest are so sweet, so deadly beautiful and brilliant - they are soulmates, they can heal each other by touch. They know each other's strengths and weaknesses inside out and are growing ever stronger together, so that one would never have cause to fear losing the other.

Sometimes Orochimaru would win, and he would be a terrible tease. He would crouch over Sakumo, knees at Sakumo's side to pin down his arms, and he would impassionately lecture Sakumo on every defensive error as if he wasn't bent intimately over his lover, so that looking up, Sakumo would have a straight line of sight to Orochimaru's white throat, framed by a dark fall of hair blocking out the rest of the forest. Or he might follow the knife held to one of Sakumo's vital points with a quick kiss before fleeing with a laugh, rarely getting very far before being pulled back to a hungry mouth and greedy hands, the running tally soon forgotten as Orochimaru surrenders to being desired and loved.

AN: At first I wanted to write JiraiOro where Jiraiya is loving the excuse of literally having a healing cock (for his soulmate at least) to have sex after every sparring session, but eh, this is Sakumo/Orochimaru again, for I have been
haunted by the hot imagery of Sakumo pinning Orochimaru down and growling possessively for sometime this.

I really wanted some graphic D/s smut to follow Sakumo (or Jiraiya, or Kabuto) pinning Orochimaru down, but it seems I have lost my smut mojo...(I for one, blame time traveling Canadians).



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