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Hogwarts is a sentient, parasitic, lotus-eater machine. Never throughout the seven books has an incident of accidental, wandless magic ever occurred within the walls of the castle. Magical children who have exhibited accidental magic before coming to Hogwarts, and in the case of Harry, between the 2nd and 3rd school year, has ever done so within the halls of Hogwarts – because the magic was being fed upon by the castle. The Room of Requirement is a proof of Hogwarts having sentience and power of its own – power it takes from the magical children it needs – why nobody within its halls wanted the school to close even when students were at risk of being killed when the chamber was open again. It’s not just the excess energy of children that Hogwarts feed from though – Dumbledore had explained to Harry that Voldemort was drawn to Hogwarts – that powerful people have always been drawn to Hogwarts.

I don’t buy that fear of power was sufficient excuse for Dumbledore to ‘stay away from power’ overtime – Dumbledore holds a position of power as a member of the wizarding supreme court and the Headmaster of Hogwarts AND Fudge’s advisor – what the castle did was influence Dumbledore to stay within feeding range – not away as the Minister of Magic, and not risking death against Grindelwald. Dumbledore hardly ever leaves his office deep within the Hogwarts Castle, and when he finally dies, even though the Dumbledore family no doubt have their own burial plots, the staff of Hogwarts, the staff that live most times of the year within its influence, decides to bury Dumbledore on school grounds, for Dumbledore have been the longest serving headmaster. To Hogwarts, Dumbledore is the caretaker – he has always been the caretaker…

Where does Hogwarts keeps its brains? The Sorting Hat? …and did Salazar Slytherin really did run away or did the castle eat him?
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