Another victim of writers' block. I was going to have Orochimaru save a little wolf cub from something to earn him the stalking love of papa!wolf!Sakumo.


It might not be evident from his oft sullen demeanor or the moon-paleness of his skin, but Orochimaru was a devout worshipper of the sun. Slow summer mornings were divine, when it was so pleasantly warm that he could sprawl out naked with his sheets to the side, basking in the direct sunlight shrone across his bed from the wide windows. Slow afternoons, he would take a book to his garden, where there was a wide high chair carved out of stone, and many evenings Jiraiya and Tsunade had found him curled up in the sun-heated seat with his snakes, a content smile on his face.

Cold weather makes Orochimaru sluggish. There was more of the snake in him than the slitted pupils of his golden eyes. Family lore held that their clan was found when a Great White Snake had fallen in love with the son of a feudal lord, giving up her immortality to be his wife after he had ran away with her.

The old growth woods between Orochimaru and his warm bed seem to stretch forever. Though it was now midday and what patches of sky he could glimpse above the tall canopy of red and gold leaves were bright blue, very little light reached the forest floor. He wasn't afraid of the dark or forest spirits said to dwell here (not when he was descended from a snake), but he hated the gray dimness that haunts the woods all times of the year except for early Spring, when the grounds would be a sea of blue and purple flowers.
If I had to write Sakumo and Orochimaru as Hades and Persephone:

A Little Time

In the Kingdom of the Cold, he who had lived under the hot sun and looked often up into its bright face, is close to blind. The land of the dead is a land of shadows that lacks substance, the only other solid being here was his captor.

Sakumo’s hands were hot, and his kisses were wet. Every gray morning when Orochimaru wakes in Sakumo’s bed, the world comes into clearer focus, he could see better the sublime nuances that had dragged the feet of Orpheus’s bride as she reluctantly followed him out of underworld.


I would go with a darker and rough around the edges Sakumo.

If I were to pick any Greek figure to go with Orochimaru, I would pick Medusa. But picture Medusa!Orochimaru, standing blindfolded and disarmed, with Sakumo or Jiraiya standing at his back, bending down to kiss his neck - even cursed, it's not impossible to love him.

Jiraiya was ordered to kill Orochimaru, but instead, blindfolds him and brings him back to his palace. He could not bear to take away Orochimaru's sight forever so he does not permanently blind him, but the inevitable accident happens and Jiraiya turns to stone. The lover's plight move a goddess to tears (I could not yet decide who), and the goddess brings the Jiraiya statute back to live, and switches Orochimaru's cursed eyes with that of a man-sized serpent, creating the first basilisk.
Behold! Below is a smut scene that has been haunting my brain since November, it's hot when I think about it, but translating a fantasy of sensations and feelings into text form is hard mode - I need to figure out if I want Sakumo's POV or Orochimaru's POV.

Feeling cold feels terrible, but snowfall can be so beautiful, picture Orochimaru being persuaded to watch the snowfall in his yard, while sitting in Sakumo's lap, getting all pliant and giving Sakumo ideas.

I don't know if this will be better with JiraOro, because Jiraiya is a perv, but I associate Sakumo with The North. Also, Sakumo is just so alpha.

Endlessly, drifts of snow floated down all around them, blending seamlessly into the white banks at the sides of the yard, and falling feather-like upon Orochimaru's dark hair and Sakumo's gray cloak. Held in Sakumo's lap within the cloak, Orochimaru shivers between the cold kisses of winter, sliding cold and wet down his neck, and the furnace warmth of Sakumo pressed against his back, the arm around his waist, and the large hand hot over his mouth. Sleepily, Orochimaru closes his eyes and licks at Sakumo's palm.

Sakumo chuckled, combing snowflakes from Orochimaru's hair, then he adjusted the sides of his cloak to wrap around his smaller lover, till only purple shadowed golden eyes were visible within the folds of the cloak. "Better?" Orochimaru answered with a slow nod, the movement not seen by Sakumo but felt against his chest.

Orochimaru's house is just steps behind them, and his bedroom is only a shunshin away, but having enjoyed the stark beauty of Orochimaru amidst the falling snow, Sakumo was determined to have Orochimaru enjoy the memory of having Sakumo hot inside him before they returned to the house.
Both of Them

Yahiko and Konan are playful with each other and gentle with Nagato, Nagato who could blush as red as his hair when they touch him, Nagato who was always hesitant when he joins them - first with shyness, then with reverance.
Basically a long time ago I read something I find extremely disagreeable, and I decided to write something where Jiraiya travels back in time and focus on saving Orochimaru (versus kill them all), I believe that Jiraiya believed in redemption, he could have killed Konan when he had captured her but didn't, he only moved to kill Nagato when Nagato really forced his hand. I hit a goddamned writer's block because I couldn't decide how far back in time Jiraiya should travel, and when the Orochimaru of that time should know - because Orochimaru will figure it out, a question of when, and I could already see young!Orochimaru hitting on a very uncomfortable Jiraiya with "I've always liked older man anyways"...and then, why couldn't they BOTH travel back in time? I need to pick one and stick with it, since I really like the title "Authorial Saving Throw", I should just write a story about Jiraiya for now. I had this romantic idea of Jiraiya just following Orochimaru instead of just letting him leave when the experiments are found out, but "Authorial Saving Throw" seem to imply that I should aim for a hilarious amount of deux ex machina...

...and THEN I had the idea that instead of Jiraiya waking up young (effectively, taking over the life of his younger self), he goes back as a ghost that nags his younger self into saving the day, so that when Jiraiya goes forward again (what I learn from Time Travel, I learn at the feet of Captain Janeway...Janeway is more fun than Picard because she knows that The Laws of Nature are more like, The GUIDELINES of Nature), All Is Well.

When Jiraiya was five years old, he found a raven-haired girl with skin as white as winter snow and yellow eyes that shrone golden in the shadows. He would watch her when she practices in the training grounds just outside the Forest of Death, in loose white robes bordered at the folds by blue tomoes, shrikens blooming from its billowy sleeves like birds from a magician's hat. She was like a spirit from a storybook, ethereal, delicate and deadly. Noting his presence, she would turn nowandthen and glare in his direction, hands on her hips sometimes, but soon she would return to her practice.

Jiriaya finally meets the girl when classes start at the Academy, and the girl was a boy, "Orochimaru". In a classroom presided over by a stern faced teacher, surrounded by their rowdy peers (all years older than both of them), Orochimaru was less unearthly, but no less unusual.

Title: Authorial Saving Throw
Summary: Jiraiya Travels Back In Time - to save Orochimaru - and also, the World.
Tags: stalking is love

The cocoon that Orochimaru was wrapped in twitches violently, as though he was awake and struggling to be free, but when Hagoromo unwrapped him from the clutches of the World Tree, his eyes were tightly shut, and his sunken face, was tense with a terror that Jiraiya had never seen on it, not since their chunnin days decades ago.

Jiraiya could feel ribs through Orochimaru's loose kimono top as he carried his unconscious friend back into the bubble space that Hagoromo had enacted against the grasping vines of the World Tree. The violent thrashing had subsided down to tremors, but it was clear that Orochimaru was still in the throes of a nightmare, "I thought those caught in the Eternal Tsukiyomi were supposed to be dreaming of a perfect world where they would be /happy/?"

Hagoromo studied Orochimaru's sleeping face, standing a feet away from them, sensing Jiraiya's fierce sense of protectiveness, "Orochimaru is suspicious and clever enough to question the perfect world - but nightmares are complicated enough that not even he could break through the genjutsu.

"Will he wake if I take him back with me?"

"You must be awake to make the trip back - it is the mind after all, that I will send back, and Orochimaru has very little of himself left at this point - the tree took more from him that others because he fought - soon he will die."

Because Jiraiya doesn't believe in giving up, he tries - in the hours to follow, he alternated between shaking Orochimaru and holding him close, whispering his wishes and repeating the tales from their childhood's years.

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Jiraiya travels back in time to save Orochimaru, and also the world.
Wednesday, October 19th, 2016
Tags: JiraOro, fem!Jiraya, Rule 63, genderbending, het, fem!Jiraya/Orochimaru
Relationship: Jiraiya/Orochimaru

Manic Magic Amazon and the Tim Burton Extra

Jiraiya comes as she is, goes as she please. She was the headache of orphanage's matron at age six, and the heartache among her fellow jounins at sixteen. Men were moths before the brilliance of her allure, and women too, find their resolve melting like spring snow in the sun.

It seemed the only ones completely immune to Jiraiya's charms were the ones she desired the most: her teammates.

Orochimaru would never call her a weak woman, even when he used to effortlessly trounce her in ninjutsu matches – not with Tsunade as their third teammate, but from day one, Orochimaru had dismissed Jiraiya as a stupid girl, and, jingling the bell she won and sticking her tongue out, Tsunade didn't disagree.

The era of the warring clans was not long behind them, most daughters of shinobi families were trained in private so they could defend themselves and their families – but they don't go into active service. Most kunoichi then were girls from poor civilian families or orphans like Jiraiya, girls who won't be missed, dropped into deep cover as servant girls and/or whores and/or mistresses. The boys from shinobi familes practiced being heavy hitters while the civilian girls learned how to serve and seduce.

Tsunade stood apart as the Senju princess and her instructors don't know what to do with her. Surely the Shodaime's granddaughter didn't intend to take typical kunoichi missions? Tsunade learnt how to pass and how to seduce the same as she learnt how to heal and how to kill, and once she was old enough (once she had finally worn Sarutobi-sensei down enough against blocking those missions), she went out and did a handful of seduction missions, just to prove that she could.

Team Hiruzen was unusal in that it had two girls instead of two boys. Jiraiya had hoped that the two of them would at least be friends, but the way Tsunade mocked her losses aside, Tsunade was always so serious.
WIP I won't post to AO3 until I have a complete fic (I don't do chapter by chapter update because I frequently abandon fandoms all of a sudden), newest segment on top:

Haruno Sakura spent the free period practicing how to make roses with sakura petals, and some butterflies too. The first was just holding them together by their ends after slotting them one by one in a spiral out, like a rose's petals. The second, she had to keep them together as the center while fluttering the petals like wings, so the there are tiny little pink butterlifes fluttering on her arms.

She thinks she's in love with Uchiha Sasuko. (It was not yet time, for her to admit, that she knew she was in love with Uchiha Sasuko. Sasuko saw Sakura as something more than pretty and pastel, grudgingly even admitting that there was something that Sakura was better and special at - her chakra control. Sasuko had intense dark eyes that made Sakura felt as if she was in the spot lights, and a deep voice that made Sakura wants to do whatever Sasuko told her to do, "Show me again", she had said, "show me again how you did that.


Uchiha Sasuko had fought hard to escape the belljar of her mother's and her older brother's overprotective love, the blind love that refused to see that daddy’s little princess had died with daddy. She wasn’t a little girl anymore, she wasn’t weak, she was an avenger.

Uchiha Mikoto is the widow (and distant cousin) of the late police chief, Uchiha Fugaku. When her husband was alive, she was the beautiful and obedient wife who was pleasing but never provocative, supportive but not overbearing, an apt accessory that made Fugaku the envy among his peers. Now she’s The Widow, a single Mom and still, the Suburban Soccer Mom With A Secret - for she has killed more men than Fugaku had ever arrested in his career. She could handle more weapons than him and she was a better shot, and deft with a knife, but mostly she used to be a government sanctioned Long Distance Serial Killer, she can pop knee caps from a thousand miles away, she can take out multiple joints within seconds as warning as order, or pro bono given leeway (because, they deserved it). She did it and she enjoyed it for she was the Playful Cat of The Menagerie, and she had once played alongside the likes of the Silk Viper, who like herself was something else now, or lived as, lived like something else.


Orochimari-sensei was kneeling before the low table at the very end of the hall between the dojo and her garden, pouring green tea first into the cup across from hers and then filling her own. Sasuko sat down with her legs crossed and her face set in a scrowl.

Orochimari grins, picks up her tea and cast a sly gaze at her student over the steaming cup, "Sasuko, I have told you before that I have known your mother for a very long time - surely that should have enough for you to surmise that she wasn't always a happy little homemaker?"
Hogwarts is a sentient, parasitic, lotus-eater machine. Never throughout the seven books has an incident of accidental, wandless magic ever occurred within the walls of the castle. Magical children who have exhibited accidental magic before coming to Hogwarts, and in the case of Harry, between the 2nd and 3rd school year, has ever done so within the halls of Hogwarts – because the magic was being fed upon by the castle. The Room of Requirement is a proof of Hogwarts having sentience and power of its own – power it takes from the magical children it needs – why nobody within its halls wanted the school to close even when students were at risk of being killed when the chamber was open again. It’s not just the excess energy of children that Hogwarts feed from though – Dumbledore had explained to Harry that Voldemort was drawn to Hogwarts – that powerful people have always been drawn to Hogwarts.

I don’t buy that fear of power was sufficient excuse for Dumbledore to ‘stay away from power’ overtime – Dumbledore holds a position of power as a member of the wizarding supreme court and the Headmaster of Hogwarts AND Fudge’s advisor – what the castle did was influence Dumbledore to stay within feeding range – not away as the Minister of Magic, and not risking death against Grindelwald. Dumbledore hardly ever leaves his office deep within the Hogwarts Castle, and when he finally dies, even though the Dumbledore family no doubt have their own burial plots, the staff of Hogwarts, the staff that live most times of the year within its influence, decides to bury Dumbledore on school grounds, for Dumbledore have been the longest serving headmaster. To Hogwarts, Dumbledore is the caretaker – he has always been the caretaker…

Where does Hogwarts keeps its brains? The Sorting Hat? …and did Salazar Slytherin really did run away or did the castle eat him?
Saturday, September 24th, 2016

AN: Hermione remembers Lavender Brown at her funeral -- the girl who had liked pink, the girl she had long envied for her close friendship with Patil when Hermione was often alone, the girl who was a yearmate she barely spoke to, but also in passing, a /comrade/ in the fight against Voldemort.

"The Girl Who Liked Pink"

The top half of the coffin's lid was opened, displaying Lavender who had her arms crossed over her chest, crossed over a toy bunny made of white felt that Hermione had last seen in their third school year. A delicate tiara was set in Lavender's hair, and her head had been set not dead center but nodding slightly off to the side, poised as if in sleep.

Hermione clutched the bouquet of pink roses she had picked out so tightly, she could feel the individual stems through layers of tissue paper and cellopane. Ron was sitting with Lavender's parents to the side, Patil between them. Harry and Ginny had already left after a brief visitation -- there were several other funerals they had to attend.

All week long, funeral after funeral. Coffins opened and coffins closed. Memorials held for the confirmed dead. Memorials attended by those finally discharged by the hospital.

The first time Hermione was aware of Lavender Brown's existence, it was in the girls' dorm during her second day at Hogswarts. Hermione was rereading her textbooks when Lavender and Patil
The following post was supposed to be an addition to to my Soulmates Gaiden series (, but I'm not posting it to AO3 as I feel that it is a badfic that could be better once I've had worked at it somemore, it was highly indulgent shipfodder written in one setting after all.

16. healing touch (Sakumo/Orochimaru) -- shameless schmoop, fluff, screen

(Sakumo/Orochimaru) - the touch of soulmates can heal each other
genre: fluff, romance, allusion to post-sparring-sex but no actual smut *sigh*

Falling Down With You

Orochimaru has taken to spending much of his spare time sparring with Sakumo in the Forbidden Forest -- most of the area was unused outside of the Chunnin Exams, and other jounnins have known by now to avoid "Sakumo and Orochimaru's Section", where their wolves and snakes summons roamed free and feasted on the local wildlife, and rains of senbon are parried in unpredictable directions by a chakra infused blade.

Usually their spars would conclude in a draw, a truce declared so Sakumo and Orochimaru could take comfort in each other's touches and have their injuries healed. Orochimaru kept breaking his arm because he couldn't fluidly switch from making signs to blocking Sakumo fast enough. Sakumo kept taking hits to his center mass because he favoured rushing in too much and most opponents (not Orochimaru) usually reacted by instinctively taking a step back.

Sometimes Orochimaru would slip up, and their spar would end with Orochimaru pinned to the forest floor, Sakumo growling possessively against the back of his neck, a deliciously tight hold of him by his hair and wrists rendering him pilant with lust as Sakumo bit him hard enough to draw blood, followed by an almost apologetic kiss that would close the small wound. "No one else," Sakumo would growl, "(is allowed to touch you like this)", and Orochimaru would shiver in excitement: No one else, had Orochimaru ever wanted like this, and Orochimaru is strong, he whimpers instinctively in acquiescence to Sakumo's demands - no one else - Orochimaru would stay strong and stay safe so that no one else would ever have him pinned like this. Only Sakumo.

Their trysts in the forest are so sweet, so deadly beautiful and brilliant - they are soulmates, they can heal each other by touch. They know each other's strengths and weaknesses inside out and are growing ever stronger together, so that one would never have cause to fear losing the other.

Sometimes Orochimaru would win, and he would be a terrible tease. He would crouch over Sakumo, knees at Sakumo's side to pin down his arms, and he would impassionately lecture Sakumo on every defensive error as if he wasn't bent intimately over his lover, so that looking up, Sakumo would have a straight line of sight to Orochimaru's white throat, framed by a dark fall of hair blocking out the rest of the forest. Or he might follow the knife held to one of Sakumo's vital points with a quick kiss before fleeing with a laugh, rarely getting very far before being pulled back to a hungry mouth and greedy hands, the running tally soon forgotten as Orochimaru surrenders to being desired and loved.

AN: At first I wanted to write JiraiOro where Jiraiya is loving the excuse of literally having a healing cock (for his soulmate at least) to have sex after every sparring session, but eh, this is Sakumo/Orochimaru again, for I have been
haunted by the hot imagery of Sakumo pinning Orochimaru down and growling possessively for sometime this.

I really wanted some graphic D/s smut to follow Sakumo (or Jiraiya, or Kabuto) pinning Orochimaru down, but it seems I have lost my smut mojo...(I for one, blame time traveling Canadians).
Completed Fics will be on AO3: Everything here is either incompletd works or especially short fic bits.

Harry Potter
Gen: Hermione & Lavender: "The Girl Who Liked Pink"

Sakumo x Orochimaru: Falling Down With You (Rated: PG-13)
- Soulmates Gaiden series
- prompt: healing touch
- this fic is completed in the sense that it has a beginning and an end, but it needs so much editing...
This is going to be a purely fandom journal, I got online in the mid 1990s, I remember joining a yahoo mailing list, but most of my fandom activity, sure when it came to fic and posts, was on livejournal. I quit LJ by basically leaving it behind once I grew up and realise how potentially dangerous, but mostly, annoying, oversharing is - especially considering that I had my livejournal during my awful SJW phrase. That isn't to say I'm entirely apolitical, but this will be a fandom journal, and I will focuse on show, not tell, through my fics and fandom musing, such as, ever noticed that the Hogwarts Castle is basically Overlook Hotel? (



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